daring. the opposite of chicken.

Hi. We’re daring. 100% plant-based. 1000% not chicken. Absolutely delicious. It’s all thanks to a few simple, natural ingredients precisely mixed and crafted into tender bites of protein-packed, nutrient-rich yumminess. And it's all in the spirit of helping you cook, feel, and treat the planet better.

daring for you

chicken out, daring in. That's all it takes to start cooking daring. Simply swap the chicken for our tasty plant-based chicken in your favorite dish and you're good to go. What's more? You can order daring direct to your door, or find it at your favorite restaurant or supermarket. So that swap is as convenient and time-saving as it is healthy and delicious.

daring for all

Whether you're a plant lover, a meat lover, or a plant-meat lover--daring has plenty of love to go around. So whether you're going full vegan or part-time vegan. Ushering in meatless mondays. Or looking to spice up your chicken romance with a plant-based mistress (scandalous). We’d simply like to be your new favorite food.

daring for good

We're not a substitute. We're a step up. But more than that, we're a belief. And we believe a few natural ingredients and a simple swap to plant-based chicken can have a big impact. Life-changing impact. Even world-changing impact. Lofty? Perhaps. But as the saying goes: the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time*. So make the swap. Start cooking daring. And together we can dare to build a brighter future for ourselves and our planet.

*To be clear, daring does not condone eating elephants, nor is daring meant to look, cook and taste like elephant.